Man Builds Home-Made Tank in China, China Takes Away His License

Man Builds Home-Made Tank in China, China Takes Away His License

A Chinese man found himself in hot water with the authorities for building a homemade tank and driving it around on the streets.

February 2, 2018
A Chinese man identified only by his surname, Huang, had a simple dream: to become internet famous for his mechanical skills. 
Huang, who hails from the city of Laibin in the Guangxi region, worked hard to modify the shape of his old truck to make it look like a mean military machine fit for war. He even installed a gun turret and novelty radar dish on the vehicle before giving it a camouflage paint job to complete the look.  
homemade tank
However, soon after he shared photos of his creation on social media, his project went viral and eventually caught the attention of the authorities.
On January 22, police officers intercepted the vehicle just as Huang attempted to take it on the road for a test drive. However, the vehicle he was driving was only the lower half, with the cannon and the camouflage-painted parts missing. It has been confiscated and is set to be destroyed.
homemade tank
Police reprimanded him by revoking his driving license and having him pay a fine of 1,750 yuan ($278) for violating Road Traffic Safety Law and being “a threat to himself and others.” Huang was also brought to the police station to be given a “safety education” evaluation.
Netizens did get a kick about the whole issue, with one joking that Huang got in trouble for scaring the police with his tank. Another social media user pointed out that Huang should have realized that “the streets are not open for tanks.”
Feature image via CCTV
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