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Little Girl Breaks Down When She Has to Say Goodbye to Her Family Maid


A viral video showing a heartbreaking goodbye between a young girl and her family’s maid is giving a lot of netizens the feels.

The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook and has now more than 891,000 views, shows the family sending their maid off at the airport. According to World of Buzz, the maid apparently had to go back to her hometown, though it wasn’t revealed where or why she had to go. The little girl was is heard sobbing because her kakak is leaving, a term of endearment in Indonesia that can mean older sister.

Adorable Chinese Boy Talks Himself into Overcoming Fear of Needles in Viral Video

Summing up the courage to face one’s fears can be tough at any age, so it was especially impressive when a brave little boy in China was able to overcome his “terrifying encounter” with needles using some good old self-motivation.

Footage of the unnamed student fighting back tears as he is being prepped for drawing blood has gone viral on Chinese social media.

Single Mom in China Sobs in Front of Hospital Because She Can’t Afford Her Child’s Treatment

A photoset of a sobbing single mother who had been discharged from a Chinese hospital after she could no longer afford care for her sick child has gone viral for its heartbreaking vulnerability and emotion.

The scene outside Shanghai’s Children Hospital was first captured in December last year, but is going viral again on Chinese social media platforms.

Tokyo Hotel Offers ‘Crying Rooms’ to Women Who Need to Weep

Need a good cry? For most of us, locking ourselves in our bathrooms to let it all out or weeping into our pillows will do the trick. For those who have some extra cash to burn, renting a hotel room alone, armed with just the need to cry, might be the best way to cope.

Now there are designated hotel rooms, called “crying rooms,” for just that. The Mitsui Garden Yotsuya Hotel in the heart of Tokyo has just announced these special rooms specifically aimed at women.