Adorable Chinese Boy Talks Himself into Overcoming Fear of Needles in Viral Video

Adorable Chinese Boy Talks Himself into Overcoming Fear of Needles in Viral Video
Ryan General
January 4, 2019
Summing up the courage to face one’s fears can be tough at any age, so it was especially impressive when a brave little boy in China was able to 
Footage of the unnamed student fighting back tears as he is being prepped for drawing blood has gone viral on Chinese social media.
“I’m a man. I must be brave!” proclaimed the adorable pupil as the female physician applies some disinfectant on his arm.
“I am a Mathematics prefect (student officer), I know I can be brave,” the boy said in Chinese, as translated by the South China Morning Post.
While obviously struggling to fight the tears welling up in his eyes, the student kept a brave face, proclaiming proudly that he did not cry when he donated blood when he was in kindergarten.
“My teacher even gave me an Ultraman sticker as a reward,” he said, reminding himself of his previous triumphant encounter with a needle.
However, the impending horror of punctured skin was too much for the little boy, and he could not help himself from covering up his arm.
The nurse had to reapply the alcohol on the area as the boy kept touching it with his arm.
“Doctor, can you finish in three seconds?” he politely asked.
“Of course, count to three and I’ll be done,” the doctor assured him.
In the end, our little warrior survived the harrowing ordeal unharmed and with a renewed sense of confidence, saying: “It did not hurt at all.”
Netizens were impressed with his bravery and cheered him on for not backing out.
“So brave and cute,” a Facebook user wrote.
“I feel for him he was brave to have his eyes 😊😊opened the whole time,” another commenter noted.
Featured Image via Facebook / South China Morning Post
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