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Japan’s newest ice cream flavor is… crab?

  • Kani Doraku, a popular chain of crab specialty restaurants in Japan, will release crab ice cream on Nov. 6.
  • The unique treat, which reportedly consists of salty vanilla ice cream and chunks of crab meat, features salt from Christmas Island in the Republic of Kiribati.
  • According to Kani Doraku, it took around two years of repeated trials to create the final product.
  • Kani Doraku’s crab ice cream will only be available for purchase at the souvenir section of the chain’s main branch in Osaka’s Dotonbori district.
  • Anyone interested in buying a tub can expect to shell out 500 yen (approximately $3.37).

The newest ice cream flavor set to hit shelves in Japan is none other than crab.

Kani Doraku, a popular chain of crab specialty restaurants in Japan, is producing the special ice cream, which will be released on Nov. 6.

Man gets parasitic infections after swallowing live crab as ‘revenge’ for pinching his daughter

  • A man named Lu from Zhejiang province in China suffered a parasitic infection after consuming a live crab that pinched his daughter.  
  • Lu, 39, sought medical help after he experienced extreme back pain two months later.  
  • Dr. Cao Qian of Shao Yifu Hospital detected pathology changes in his chest, abdomen, liver and digestive system but was unable to determine the cause of the pain.
  • Cao said he “repeatedly asked him if he had ever eaten game, or anything unusual, anything that could cause allergies.”
  • When his wife recalled the crab-eating incident, the patient finally admitted that he had consumed a live crab out of revenge for hurting his daughter.
  • Cao recommended treatments after a blood test revealed that Lu was infected with at least three parasites. Lu has since recovered. 

A Chinese man ended up with multiple parasitic infections after eating a live crab that pinched his daughter.

The 39-year-old man, identified only as Lu from Zhejiang province in China, told his doctor that he swallowed the crab alive in retaliation for pinching his daughter. 

Boba Milk Crab is Now a Thing in Malaysia

By now you have probably heard of endless weird combination with Boba Tea – some good and some extremely shocking – and this new food fad in Malaysia certainly fits the bill of the latter with its boba milk crab.

Crab Generation Restaurant, based in Malaysia, first announced on Facebook its brown sugar flavored crab dish on May 4. According to AsiaOne, the new dish features an aesthetic that’s similar to the widely popular drink boba tea – or milk tea or bubble tea, whatever you want to call it.

Heroic Crab in China Jumps Out of Boiling Water to Save Friends From Being Cooked Alive

One smart, courageous and certified badass crab risked its own life in what can be described as a daring escape to save its friends from being cooked alive.

The heroic crab made the escape by using its claws to climb the wok’s inner wall as the chef of a restaurant in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, in northern Shanghai, prepares to cook the meal.