Boba Milk Crab is Now a Thing in Malaysia

Boba Milk Crab is Now a Thing in MalaysiaBoba Milk Crab is Now a Thing in Malaysia
By now you have probably heard of endless weird combination with Boba Tea – some good and some extremely shocking – and this new food fad in Malaysia certainly fits the bill of the latter with its boba milk crab.
Crab Generation Restaurant, based in Malaysia, first announced on Facebook its brown sugar flavored crab dish on May 4. According to AsiaOne, the new dish features an aesthetic that’s similar to the widely popular drink boba tea – or milk tea or bubble tea, whatever you want to call it.
The crab is covered with a special milky sauce and topped with black sugar tapioca pearls, which is also an important ingredient of a milk tea.
But it appears this isn’t the first time the restaurant has incorporated something sweet into its crab dishes. It turns out that Crab Generation Restaurant had previously released a crab dish containing Oreo and cheese as toppings and accompanied by a seaweed cream sauce, the report noted.
It’s unclear, though, what this dish tastes like as no reviews have reportedly surfaced quite yet.
Featured image via Facebook / Crab Generation Restaurant
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