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Japan Now Sells Coca-Cola Pre-Mixed with Coffee

Coca-Cola recently rolled out a new version of Coke in Japan that has been specially pre-mixed with coffee. 

Exclusively found in special vending machines in Japan, the beverage called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is sold in a 190 ml can, reportedly containing 50% more caffeine but with 50% fewer calories. The product, which mixed coffee in the form of extract powder, is a bit pricey at 130 yen ($1.20) per can.  

Coca-Cola is Paying Nutritionists to Advertise Coke as a Healthy Snack

Coca-Cola is now selling itself as a healthy snack.

A public relations blitz launched last month for American Heart Month promoted the soda as nutritional when consumed in moderation. Coca-Cola, facing declining sales, paid fitness and nutrition experts to write up articles and op-ed pieces about this “new side” of Coke. These reports appeared on several media outlets, including national sources, with each pushing a sample-size of Coke or small soda as a snack idea. Some nutritionists even likened them to per-portioned desserts such as packs of almonds.