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‘All so eager for Chinese cash’: CNN anchor slams Apple, Nike, IOC for ‘blind eye’ to human rights abuses

CNN Jake Tapper

CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper denounced the IOC, large corporations and Hollywood for chasing “Chinese cash” while ignoring the nation’s human rights abuses on air. 

Profit over ethics: During the segment, Tapper called out Hollywood, the NBA, Silicon Valley and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for valuing their industries’ profit while turning a blind eye to the Chinese government’s human rights abuses during CNN’s “State of the Union” on Dec 5.

‘Do You Speak English?’: Asian American CNN Producer Arrested While Covering Daunte Wright Protest

Carolyn Sung

An Asian American producer for CNN was thrown to the ground and arrested while covering a protest for Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 13.

Unlawful arrest: Carolyn Sung was covering a protest following the murder of Daunte Wright, 20, an unarmed Black man shot and killed by an officer, when she was ordered to leave, according to CNN.

CNN Reporter Reveals 3 Racist Encounters in 1 Hour, Including With Airport Police

Amara Walker

A correspondent and news anchor for CNN was left shaken after allegedly experiencing three consecutive racist encounters in the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Racist encounters: Amara Walker was trying to catch a flight back home when “a man of color” suddenly approached her and said, “Ni Hao. Ching Chong,” according to her Twitter and Instagram posts last Thursday.

Internet Calls Out CNN After Saying Singapore is ‘Not a Country’


Social media users expressed outrage after CNN labeled Singapore as “Not a country” in an article outlining President Donald Trump’s “irresponsible approach” in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Controversial chart: The CNN article, published on October 7, critiques the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic, among other issues surrounding the matter, AsiaOne reported.

CNN Under Fire After Saying Fresno Shooting is a ‘Milestone’ for Hmong Americans

Fresno shooting

CNN is being criticized for an insensitive headline regarding a recent mass shooting in Fresno, California, in which four Hmong men were tragically killed and several more were injured.

Police have since stated that the incident was very likely to have been a targeted attack and are currently looking for a motive as well as the two or more suspects who opened fire on the Sunday night football viewing party.

CNN Commentator Sparks Outrage After Tweeting ‘Miso Honey’ is a ‘Very Good’ Food Truck Name

A political commentator for CNN has come under fire after posting a tone-deaf tweet suggesting “Miso Honey” was an excellent choice for a food truck name.

Chris Cillizza, who runs a multiplatform brand called “The Point,” left no further explanation about the post, aside from claiming that he “drove by” an actual establishment with such name.

CNN Host Lisa Ling Reveals Her Ecstasy-Filled Past as a Rave Queen

CNN host and news reporter Lisa Ling is opening up about her past as a ‘90s rave queen and her experiences with the drug ecstasy.

Ling, 42, explained on CNN that she was a very hardworking and ambitious young person who had a number of internships and jobs that allowed her to fund her own college tuition. However, Ling said she needed “some kind of recreational outlet” to escape the stresses of daily life.