CNN Host Lisa Ling Reveals Her Ecstasy-Filled Past as a Rave Queen

CNN host and news reporter Lisa Ling is opening up about her past as a ‘90s rave queen and her experiences with the drug ecstasy.
Ling, 42, explained on CNN that she was a very hardworking and ambitious young person who had a number of internships and jobs that allowed her to fund her own college tuition. However, Ling said she needed “some kind of recreational outlet” to escape the stresses of daily life.  
The rave scene of today was quite different from the underground rave culture that existed back then. She recalled the first time she attended a rave in an essay published earlier this week.
“Back then, phone numbers were acquired the day of the event that, when called provided a location. Revelers showed up at the first location only to receive an address to a second location — typically, a large warehouse somewhere in the respective city.”
While the veteran reporter was never a big drinker or smoker, she enjoyed taking ecstasy at parties. The substance gave her “an incomparable feeling of joy,” but Ling also experienced the drug’s comedowns, which included paranoia and depression.
Looking back, the former Oprah Winfrey Network and “The View” host said she did not realize the dangers of the drug, which has been linked to several MDMA-related deaths in the country. She wrote:
“When I think back on how haphazardly we popped what we thought were ecstasy tablets, I cannot help but feel a little embarrassed. Especially now, after reporting on the deaths that have occurred at electronic music events, I shudder at the thought of my negligence.”
Ling is spearheading the effort to cover the popular use of ecstasy and molly at electronic music events in the next episode of her CNN series “This is Life with Lisa Ling.”
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