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Why Drivers in China ‘Hope’ They K‌i‌‌‌l‌l The Pedestrians They Accidentally Hit


Throughout the years, a number of drivers in China have intentionally k‌i‌ll‌ed pedestrians that they acci‌dentally ‌h‌it due to a phenomenon called “hit-to-ki‌l‌l.”

Drawing the attention of international media, the hor‌rifyi‌ng trend has since received outcry and condemnation beyond China, with calls for justice for their unfortunate vi‌c‌ti‌ms.

Highway Patrol Officer Risks Life to Save Man From Speeding Car

Florida Highway Patrol trooper Mithil Patel is being hailed as a hero after risking his own life to save a local businessman from getting hit by a spinning car.

The 31-year-old trooper was surveying a prior crash involving Rony Bottex at Interstate 95 in southern Martin County near Hobe Sound last week when another vehicle spun out of control after getting hit in a separate accident.

Terrifying Video Shows Motorcyclist Shielding Girlfriend From Near-D‌‌e‌a‌th A‌cc‌i‌d‌ent on Thai Freeway

A video showing a motorcyclist and his girlfriend surviving a harrowing near-de‌at‌h ac‌ci‌de‌nt in Thailand has resurfaced and widely shared on social media.

The clip, which featured a rider recklessly speeding through a highway during a heavy downpour, was taken back in 2015 on a road near the Lumtakong Lake in Thailand.