Watch ‘China’s Worst Driver’ Try to Park a Car

Watch ‘China’s Worst Driver’ Try to Park a Car
Carl Samson
October 26, 2018
A video of a bad driver making what could be the worst parking attempt in history has gone viral on Chinese social media.
Behind the vehicle’s steering wheel is a woman who only got her driving license recently.
In the surveillance footage, the car is seen entering a small parking lot in Xuancheng, Anhui on Oct. 11, People’s Daily reported.
bad driver
In an apparent search for space, the vehicle bumps into three parked cars in the first 20 seconds, completely pushing one out of place.
The car then reverses only to smash its trunk against a brick wall, creating worse damage.
The female driver reportedly sustained minor injuries because of the incident.
She did not suffer penalties as authorities determined that the damages were not done on public property.
Weibo users shared their thoughts regarding “China’s worst driver”:
“I don’t understand how this kind of person can drive.”
“I know it’s not right yet I can’t help but laugh.”
“I wonder how this driver passed a license test.”
“So there’s no penalty?!”
“This car must be so distressed.”
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