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Figure Skater Unfurling Flag for Japanese Olympic Champ is the Most Canadian Thing Ever

Internet users are applauding Canadian figure skater Keegan Messing after he unfurled the Japanese flag during a medal award ceremony at the 2019 Autumn Classic International on Saturday.

During the ceremony, where Messing won Bronze, the 27-year-old figure skater realized that the Japanese flag wasn’t noticeable when the country’s national anthem started playing, according to CBC.

Musician Wins $265,524 in Court After Possessive Ex-Girlfriend Tries Ruining His Career

A Canadian music student has received 350,000 Canadian dollars ($265,524) in damages after his ex-girlfriend used his email to turn down a scholarship in an effort to keep him from moving far away.

Eric Abramovitz’s former girlfriend Jennifer Lee sent an email posing as her boyfriend and refused a prestigious scholarship to the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles in 2014.

Lil Tay’s Mom Used Her Boss’ Mercedes Without His Permission to Film Daughter

Lil Tay might be throwing dollar bills on Instagram at this moment, but reports suggest things are not going well behind the scenes — especially for her mom.

Last week, Angela Tian — the 9-year-old’s alleged mother and orchestrator behind her persona — was reportedly fired from her job as a real estate agent after her daughter’s videos reached her company, Pacific Evergreen Realty.

Wing Chun vs. Karate Fight in Vietnam Ends in TKO

Canadian martial artist Pierre Francois Flores is hoping to put together a Wing Chun vs MMA fight to showcase traditional Chinese martial arts against modern fighting styles after recently defeating Karate master Doan Bau Chau.

The Canadian Wing Chun master recently traveled to Vietnam to test his mettle against Karate master Doan Bau Chau. During their bout, Flores was able to land a head kick that dropped Chau.