Wing Chun vs. Karate Fight in Vietnam Ends in TKO

Wing Chun vs. Karate Fight in Vietnam Ends in TKO

July 18, 2017
Canadian martial artist Pierre Francois Flores is hoping to put together a Wing Chun vs MMA fight to showcase traditional Chinese martial arts against modern fighting styles after recently defeating Karate master Doan Bau Chau.
The Canadian Wing Chun master recently traveled to Vietnam to test his mettle against Karate master Doan Bau Chau. During their bout, Flores was able to land a head kick that dropped Chau.
Flores eventually landed another kick on the stunned Chau and finished the fight in about a minute, according to BE. After settling their score, both martial arts practitioners celebrated by eating out together while displaying good sportsmanship.
However, Flores is far from over in his quest of challenging martial artists from other parts of the world. The Canadian has now set his sights on two martial artists — one is a Vietnamese master and the other is a Chinese MMA fighter.
According to VNExpress, master Huynh Tuan Kiet is known for is electrifying moves but Flores is not convinced by the Vietnamese master’s skills, calling them “doubtful”. Flores wants to verify the legitimacy of Master Kiet’s skill-set by testing him in person, but Kiet isn’t willing to accept the Canadian’s challenge unless he apologizes for his “doubtful” comments first. Sources state that Flores refused to apologize which puts their supposed bout in a questionable state.
Meanwhile, the Wing Chun master still has another fight in mind involving the Chinese MMA fighter known as “Mad Dog.” Xu Xian Don previously challenged traditional Chinese martial artists after defeating an alleged Tai Chi master earlier this year.
Xu stated that he doesn’t believe in the legitimacy of traditional martial arts and was so confident of his skills that he’s willing to give $174,000 to anyone who can beat him.
Of course, Flores heard of Xu’s challenge and he’s willing to bring the “Mad Dog” down., beleiving that this challenge is a “necessary awakening.” Flores believes that Xu’s case “threatens the credibility of martial arts.” No official fight has been scheduled yet.
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