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Burger King Japan releases world’s first Ice Whopper for a limited time

In what may be considered an eyebrow-raising move, Burger King Japan has announced a limited-time Whopper with ice shavings as part of a new summer meal.

The new Whopper, which has been dubbed the “Ice Whopper,” will be released as part of a limited-time special “Natsukoi Set” (“Summer Love Set“) on Aug. 19 and Aug. 20. Included in the set is an “ice bottle,” which is essentially a frozen bottle of Coca-Cola, according to PR Times via SoraNews24.

Pranksters Convince Minnesota Burger King Workers to Smash Their Own Store Windows

There’s a new prank that is as much genius as it is evil and destructive — convincing fast food employees to smash their own restaurant windows. It turns out, it’s not all that hard.

Last Friday, a man called the Burger King in Coon Rapids, Minn. and told the store manager that he was a fireman before explaining that gas levels in the building had reached a dangerous level and an explosion would soon result. The “fireman” then told the manager that everyone had to flee the building and smash the windows to allow for ventilation.