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Random Country Road in Taiwan Gets 5-Star Rating on Google Maps After Woman Uploads ‘Boob Video’

An unidentified woman in Taiwan added a risqué video of herself flashing her boobs on a remote road on Google Maps, racking up hundreds of five-star ratings for the location.

The 18-second naughty clip shows the woman looking around her surroundings in Pingtung County, Taiwan, to make sure that nobody notices her pulling down her pink top to show off her breast to the world.

Japanese Woman Allows Strangers to Fondle Her Breasts ‘For World Peace’

In a uniquely valiant effort to promote world peace, a popular Japanese YouTuber recently offered her breasts to strangers for some free squeezes.

Holding up a sign that said “Free Oppai” (“Free Breasts”), young online celebrity Pepsi Lu recently allowed passersby near the busy Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan to squeeze her breasts. She was with a small group consisting of three men and a woman to ensure everything was in order during the brief spectacle.

Japanese Women’s Breasts Have Been Growing For the Last 40 Years

Japanese women’s breasts have reportedly grown significantly bigger in the last couple of decades according to the findings of a popular lingerie manufacturer in Japan.

Since 1980, Japanese intimate apparel firm Triumph has been tracking chest sizes in Japan annually as it monitors its bra sales. Triumph’s sales data, contained in the company’s periodic report called the Lingerie White Paper, are broken down by cup size which became the primary basis of the observed trend,