One Small Change on This Woman’s Photo Got Her 34 Percent More Matches on Tinder

One Small Change on This Woman’s Photo Got Her 34 Percent More Matches on Tinder

December 7, 2015
A new experiment proves that size does matter — when it comes to a woman’s breast size on Tinder.
In the test sponsored by MYA Cosmetic Surgery, two sets of photos featuring a 24-year-old female volunteer named Carla from Manchester, England, were put up on Tinder for a week to measure the responses of different men.
In one set, Carla’s bust size is her natural A-cup size, and in another set, her photos were digitally altered to be DD-cup sized, according to the Manchester Evening News.
According to cosmetic surgery group, the photos of Carla with digitally enlarged breasts received 34% more matches, 809 right swipes in total, than the original images, which received 602 matches in total.
The photos of a bustier Carla were also more likely to receive comments about her physical appearance from matches.
“Wow you’re seriously gorgeous.. I love your smile, it lit my phone up,” said one such match.
One match was sexually aggressive in his remarks: “You look like the kind of girl who likes to be pushed up against the wall and fucked.”
Messages from men who swiped right to Carla’s non-enhanced photos were more conversational and less superficial.
“Hi Carla nice to match up with you. What do you like to do in your free time?” messaged one such match. When Carla didn’t reply, he messaged,What you up to? Did you have fun at the weekend?”
Another match wrote: “Here is where I am supposed to think of something witty and clever. Instead all I’ll say is ‘hi’. You seem like the type of girl who has more to give than she lets on, am I right?”
“Our chest-test proves that for a lot of men, an ample bust really is the deciding factor in a woman’s attractiveness, at least initially. Our busty profile had her pick of the men in our experiment,” said MYA Chairman John Ryan.
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