Japanese Women’s Breasts Have Been Growing For the Last 40 Years

Japanese Women’s Breasts Have Been Growing For the Last 40 YearsJapanese Women’s Breasts Have Been Growing For the Last 40 Years
Japanese women’s breasts have reportedly grown significantly bigger in the last couple of decades according to the findings of a popular lingerie manufacturer in Japan.
Since 1980, Japanese intimate apparel firm Triumph has been tracking chest sizes in Japan annually as it monitors its bra sales. Triumph’s sales data, contained in the company’s periodic report called the Lingerie White Paper, are broken down by cup size which became the primary basis of the observed trend,
Poring through the most recent data covering the past two years, SoraNews24 confirmed that the trend has continued, allegedly reflected by the declining sales of A cup bras and growth figures of D and E cup bras.
According to the company’s own numbers, A cup bra sales have dropped from 58.6% of Triumph’s total sales back in 1980, to only 4.1% in 2016.
Over the years A , B , and C cup sales have all declined. Check out the most recent data below of total sales:
● A cup sales (2015): 4.7%
● A cup sales (2016): 4.1%
● B cup sales (2015): 19.5%
● B cup sales (2016): 19%
● C cup sales (2015): 26.1%
● C cup sales (2016): 25.6%
Meanwhile, sales of Triumph’s larger cup sizes have been on a steady rise:
● D cup sales (2015): 24.8%
● D cup sales (2016): 25%
● E cup sales (2015): 16.7%
● E cup sales (2016): 17.2%
● F cup sales (2015): 6.6%
● F cup sales (2016): 6.6%
As the last figures show, combined sales for Triumph’s D, E, and F cups accounted for 51.3% of its sales total in 2016. This marks the first time ever that the demand for its larger bras surpassed those of the more petite sizes.
The figure also indicated a total reversal from 1980, when the particularly “larger” segment only accounted for 4.5% of Triumph’s sales.
While the dwindling sales of smaller bras may be indicative that the Japanese breasts are indeed getting bigger, observers note that the figures could also point to a recent shift in Triumph’s customer base, or just that large-breasted women simply began buying more lingerie than those with smaller bra size.
Feature Image via Instagram / Hitomi Tanaka
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