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Boston man allegedly harasses Asian women dancing to K-pop for ‘communism’ and mask wearing

Boston man harasses Asian women

A video showing a man who allegedly harassed a group of Asian women for wearing masks while dancing to K-pop in public has gone viral on TikTok.

What happened: TikTok user @celenana_na and her K-pop dance group, Hush Crew, were filming a dance routine in Boston’s Downtown Crossing on Sunday when the incident occurred. What they thought was an ordinary interaction escalated after the man allegedly started talking about communism and they realized he was being racist.

‘Xenophobic weapons’: Emerson College and conservative group fight over ‘China Kinda Sus’ stickers

Emerson College sticker

Emerson College officials are investigating Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a conservative nonprofit group from the college’s Boston campus, for handing out stickers that allegedly criticized the Chinese government.

What happened: The stickers, which contain a character from the mobile game “Among Us” and the words “China Kinda Sus [slang for suspicious],” were meant to criticize the Chinese Community Party and not Chinese people, Sam Neves, the president of TPUSA – Emerson, told The College Fix.

Boston’s first woman-of-color mayor in 200 years could be Asian American

Boston mayor election has two women of color at the top

Two women of color have taken the most votes in the mayoral primary election, meaning on Nov. 2 Boston will have for the first time in its history a woman and a person of color occupying the mayor’s office.

Runoff election results: Tuesday’s primary election saw city councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George taking the top and second-highest votes with Wu leading George by over 11,700 votes, reported WBZ.

This Woman Turns Roadkill into Clothes She Sells For Up To $2,000

If you’re stuck between wanting to wear fur but not wanting to be responsible for an animal’s death, Petite Mort Fur might have the answer.

The Boston-based company, founded by Pamela Paquin two years ago, sells fashion made from roadkill, or “accidental fur,” as she calls it, reports the Associated Press. Paquin believes her company is offering a win-win alternative to customers who like the look or feel of fur but don’t want to support fur industry practices.