Black Man Confronts Racist Woman Complaining About Asians at a Boston Supermarket

Black Man Confronts Racist Woman Complaining About Asians at a Boston Supermarket
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 7, 2018
A man shopping for some groceries at a local supermarket in Boston could not help but confront a woman after he reportedly overheard her say racist things about Asians.
Jonathan Mande posted a video on Facebook which showed the incident which happened at Star Market in Fenway, Boston on Friday.
Mande wrote in the post’s caption: “I just got attacked by a racist. ‘You see what’s happening in the prisons? You’re probably next,’ she said. She was saying nasty things about Asian people, so I stepped in. You bet I wasn’t going to keep my mouth shut. I’ve seen stuff like this on social media but never thought It’d happen to me. Racism is real and these people are out there. That lady is living with an evil spirit in her and needs God’s grace in her life.”
In the footage, Mande can be heard telling an older woman to get away from him since “We don’t need more racists in this country.”
In response, the woman said, “We? Who’s we?” and then mocked him by adding, “You’re all by yourself, my dear, you’re all by yourself.”
She then tried to insult him more by saying “It was a great place at one time…”
But Mande cut her off with: “until people like you ruined it.”  
Throughout the clip, Mande can be heard telling the woman to get away but she just kept on going near him and provoking him with taunts.  
“It’s people like you who are hurting this country,” Mande remarked at the later part of the clip.
The woman then said: “Look at the prisons, look what they’re filled with? You’re probably next.”
Another person from the cashier line can also be heard telling the woman how offensive the words she was spouting against complete strangers.
The woman eventually left after Mande said, “You are an old rat and you’re gonna die miserably. Bye.”
Mande, who moved with his family from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States when he was 11 years old, is now a 27-year-old mental-health advocate who is behind the Drums & Wellness initiative. The program, which he started last year, promotes drumming as a form of therapy to young and adult students in Brookline, Massachusetts.
Mande revealed to NextShark why he decided to stand up to the lady:
“Nobody should have to take that kind of harassment. It doesn’t matter where you come from and the language you speak. I spoke against that woman’s hateful speech because, like my Asian sisters and brothers, I am also an immigrant to the United States. As an immigrant, it is my duty to speak up against hateful rhetoric, even if it is not directly targeting me.”
Meanwhile, the identity of the woman who berated him remains unknown.
Feature image via Facebook/ Jonathan Mande
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