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Bear Rescued By Monks in Myanmar Has Operation to Remove 7 Pounds of Tongue

Nyan htoo, a bear rescued by monks in Myanmar, is now recovering after going through a 4-hour operation to remove 3 kilograms (around 7 pounds) of his tongue due to a mysterious illness, according to the veterinarians who operated on him.

Nyan htoo — meaning “bright” — and his brother were both rescued by monks who lived in a monastery in Myanmar. The bear brothers were supposed to be sold illegally in China, according to BBC.

‘Malnourished’ Bear in Chinese Zoo Draws Outrage, Owner Claims It’s Perfectly Fine

Alarmed Chinese netizens have expressed their concern over an undernourished brown bear from a zoo in China after its photos began making the rounds on local social media platforms.

In the photos, the bear is shown looking so skinny that its bones are showing under its skin. Initially posted on Weibo on June 19, photos of the bear quickly spread across multiple social media platforms, leaving many netizens worried about its well-being.