Chinese zoo denies its bears are ‘humans in disguise’ after ‘suspicious’ photos and videos

Chinese zoo denies its bears are ‘humans in disguise’ after ‘suspicious’ photos and videos
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The zoo said wearing a costume would be intolerable due to hot weather

August 1, 2023
A zoo in China’s Zhejiang province is in hot water after being accused of hiring humans to play bears for one of its most popular exhibits.
What critics are saying: The allegations reportedly erupted earlier this month after photos and videos of a sun bear at the Hangzhou Zoo made rounds on Chinese social media.
In the accusatory posts, at least one black-furred bear can be seen standing like a person with pants-like folds under its rear — raising suspicions that the whole exhibit was just a giant cosplay.
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What the zoo is saying: An employee at the zoo reportedly rejected the allegations last week and insisted that the zoo’s sun bears are real. They explained that sun bears typically have a mild temperament that allows them to interact with visitors. Additionally, they said that the high temperature on the day the photos and videos were taken — 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) — would make a costume intolerable for a person to wear, according to Phoenix New Media.
They also mentioned that arrangements were made for reporters to see the bears for themselves.
The big picture: This is not the first time a Chinese zoo has been accused of having people wear animal costumes.
In 2013, a zoo in Louhe, Henan province, tried to pass off a large and hairy Tibetan mastiff dog as a lion. In 2019, a zoo in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, dressed staff workers as gorillas, later defending the stunt as an April Fool’s prank.

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