Chinese Woman’s Adorable ‘Puppy’ Grows Up Into a 440 Pound Bear

Chinese Woman’s Adorable ‘Puppy’ Grows Up Into a 440 Pound BearChinese Woman’s Adorable ‘Puppy’ Grows Up Into a 440 Pound Bear
Ryan General
May 14, 2018
A Chinese woman who brought home a cute “puppy” two years ago, eventually realized that the pet she was raising was actually an endangered black bear.
A woman, identified only by her surname Su, was out of town vacation when she found a young animal on the roadside which she thought was a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, according to China News via MailOnline.
The woman from Yunnan Province soon noticed something different with her pet, which she called “Little Black,” as it grew much bigger than normal dogs.
“It can eat a full box of fruits and two buckets of noodles a day,” Su was quoted as saying.
When her beloved pet grew to become a 440-pound bear two years later, she decided to have it transferred to a local zoo since it was illegal to raise or keep wildlife animals. However, without a birth certificate, the local Kunming Zoo refused to take it in.
Kunming Forestry Police later advised Su to transfer the bear to Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre instead.
In a video uploaded on Pear Video, the meter-tall (3.3 foot) bear is shown being carried in a portable cage and transported to the rescue center.
Based on a preliminary medical checkup, the bear was reportedly in good health and had no wounds or scars on its body when it was transported earlier this month.
Animal experts identified the animal as an Asiatic Black Bear, a protected and endangered animal species in China. The dwindling number of black bears results from illegal smugglers in Asia who poach the animals for body parts that they can sell on the black market.
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