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Tokyo gym-turned-bar featuring ‘muscle girl’ bartenders, fitness equipment goes viral

  • A TikTok featuring a fitness-themed bar that was once a gym in Tokyo has gone viral.
  • The muscular bartenders showcase their strength by flexing in between serving customers protein shakes.

A TikTok featuring Japan’s first and only fitness-themed bar primarily featuring muscular women bartenders has gone viral.

Patricia O’Connor, who goes by the TikTok handle @whatthepato, shared a video of her experience at a fitness-themed bar, Muscle Girls, a week ago, and it has since gone viral with over 8 million views and more than 2 million likes, as of this writing. 

‘Peak White Boy Energy’: Vietnam War-Themed Bar Sparks Outrage for ‘Capitalizing on POC Traumas’

Melbourne bar

A bar in Melbourne, Australia that launched with a Vietnam War concept has apologized after a massive backlash on social media.

Users are especially outraged as Rickshaw Bar sits on Swan Street in Richmond, a suburb home to many Vietnamese immigrants since 1976 — starting from those who fled the war. A 2016 census report showed almost 1,400 people were Vietnamese immigrants, with Vietnamese being the most popular spoken language besides English. The Vietnam War lasted 20 years and resulted in 1.3 million deaths, according to Broadsheet.

Sneaky Bar Pianist Plays Pokemon and Nirvana Songs and No One Noticed

A bar pianist in Japan is gaining attention online for the subtle way he plays iconic music from games such as “Pokemon” game and classics like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” without anyone noticing.

Ryota Kikuchi (@komuro_metal), a pianist who usually performs at the “piano lounge” Conbrio in Kawagoe, Japan is going viral for playing really out of place music on his piano in a very classy setting.

Dive Bar Owner Writes an Epic Comeback to a Yelper’s 1-Star Review

The owner of The Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant in New York City recently wrote out an eloquent letter to a 1-star Yelper to teach them an important lesson about dive bars — don’t go to them if you are really looking for a quiet place and fancy food.

The reviewer, “Megan B.”, wrote a negative review of The Iron Horse after her visit for a “quiet drink”. At a dive bar. At 3:00 in the afternoon.