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10 Reasons Why Balut is the Ultimate Asian Delicacy


By now, a lot of people already know or at least heard of Balut, a very popular delicacy in Southeast Asia but particularly in the Philippines. What some people fail to understand, though, is that this delicacy, no matter how grotesque it may look like, is actually enjoyed by many Filipinos and other people from Asia.

1. Looks can be deceiving — I mean it!

Right off the bat, balut looks nothing more than just an ordinary egg – no BS, no trendy stuff; just plain-looking egg until you start to crack it.

Malaysian Woman Hatches Balut Egg Out of Curiosity, Gets a Beautiful Duck

A Malaysian woman is winning the hearts of many netizens for hatching and raising a duckling from the balut she got around two years ago.

The heartwarming story started around two years ago when Erica Lim bought a balut – a developing bird embryo dish that is a popular delicacy in many Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines to name a few – out of impulse from a Vietnamese restaurant in Puchong, Malaysia, according to Bored Panda.