Malaysian Woman Hatches Balut Egg Out of Curiosity, Gets a Beautiful Duck

Malaysian Woman Hatches Balut Egg Out of Curiosity, Gets a Beautiful Duck
Bryan Ke
February 11, 2019
A Malaysian woman is winning the hearts of many netizens for hatching and raising a duckling from the balut she got around two years ago.
The heartwarming story started around two years ago when Erica Lim bought a balut – a developing bird embryo dish that is a popular delicacy in many Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines to name a few – out of impulse from a Vietnamese restaurant in Puchong, Malaysia, according to Bored Panda.
Curious about what might happen, Lim decided to hatch the balut by putting the aborted egg inside a makeshift incubator she made from a styrofoam box and heated lamps.
After two weeks of caring, the egg finally hatched.
She immediately fell in love with the cute little duckling she named Daisy, but often calls it by her cutesy nickname, Bibit.
Bibit grew up into a majestic duck that sometimes gets into trouble. According to Lim, Daisy is often up to no good especially when she is being oddly quiet.
But despite her mischievous side, Daisy is pretty calm She likes to sit beside Lim when she’s reading books on the sofa.
What makes Bibit unique, though, is her strange fondness of watching movies and television shows with her owner.
There was even a time when Lim managed to sneak Bibit inside a local cinema for a movie date. Surprisingly, she behaved well and went unnoticed as they watched the movie.
Ducks make wonderful companions. My Bibit is charming and attentive. I hope more people realize how much fun it is to have a duck as a pet,” Lim said.
Yes, they do make good companions and they also make eggs. Lim now has an unlimited supply of eggs and said that Bibit lays an egg once every 25 hours.
Images via Instagram / daily_daisy_duck
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