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7 Best False Lashes Brands Specifically for Asian Eyes

Wanting long, voluminous lashes has become a common desire among so many Asian American women. From spending hundreds on maintaining lash extensions to regularly perming and tinting lashes, it’s become an incredibly financially draining obsession — I can only imagine how much ABG’s spend every year on lash products.

Of course, buying strip lashes would be the perfect and cheap solution but drugstore options are often uncomfortable and tacky. If the bands are too thick, the lashes won’t stay down properly and cheap lash ends can look plastic and fake. Not to mention, most of these lashes were made with non-Asian eyes in mind so for Asian women, especially those with monolids, choosing from the lash isle is a total gamble.

Lash Perms for Asian Eyes: How Do They Work and Are They Really Worth It?

Monolids are such versatile features that look great with or without dramatic lashes. But admit it, most of us have dreamed of having long, luscious lashes at least once in our lives. This is where the unhealthy obsession with fake lashes and lash extensions comes from and as a result, our bank balance suffers.

More recently, lash perms and lifts have become more common and they are literally changing the game. Sure, the clickbaity Instagram videos of girls with double eyelids and already-long lashes may make this procedure look too good to be true but many women are swearing by this new trend, including women with monolids.