Lash Perms for Asian Eyes: How Do They Work and Are They Really Worth It?

Lash Perms for Asian Eyes: How Do They Work and Are They Really Worth It?Lash Perms for Asian Eyes: How Do They Work and Are They Really Worth It?
Monolids are such versatile features that look great with or without dramatic lashes. But admit it, most of us have dreamed of having long, luscious lashes at least once in our lives. This is where the unhealthy obsession with fake lashes and lash extensions comes from and as a result, our bank balance suffers.
More recently, lash perms and lifts have become more common and they are literally changing the game. Sure, the clickbaity Instagram videos of girls with double eyelids and already-long lashes may make this procedure look too good to be true but many women are swearing by this new trend, including women with monolids.
So, the big question is, are lash perms actually worth it for Asian eyes? See for yourself.

The Procedure

There are a couple of options available when it comes to lash lifts: the perm and the keratin lift. The latter has been said to be a slightly more gentle, hypoallergenic option; however, this does mean that the keratin lift may not last as long as the lash perm.
Generally, for either of the procedures, the lash specialist will begin by removing all makeup and natural oils around the eyes to create a clean canvas. Similar to lash extensions, the lash perm procedure begins with placing under-eye pads to keep the lower lashes out of the way.
To begin the actual perm, the beautician will have to place a silicon rod above the lash line (the size of the rod will depend on the length of your lashes), using an adhesive to secure the lashes to the silicon. At this point comes the lifting lotion followed by the setting lotion, which will both have to sit on your lashes to be able to fully set. The procedure is completely painless and it’s okay to even take a little nap when the perm is setting on your lashes.
The overall procedure should last between 45 minutes to an hour and after the perm has been set, it will be removed then gently washed away with a saline solution. At this point, you also have the option of adding a lash tint on top if you want a slightly more dramatic finish.

The Pros

A lash perm, on average, will last between 1 to 3 months and unlike for lash extensions, there is no need to change up your entire beauty and skincare routine. After just 48 hours after the perm, you’re free to wear any makeup, such as mascara, on the lashes without fear of them falling out or the perm fading away. The cost of a lash perm is also around $70 with no need for any costly upkeep in between sessions, making this a much more affordable alternative to the classic extensions.
For those with stiff, straight lashes with monolids, a perm can dramatically simplify your morning makeup routine. After a perm, there is no need to struggle with lash curlers or worry about your lashes drooping down throughout the day — this also means your mascara generally stays on for much longer without smudging.
And for fans of low-maintenance, natural looks, a lash perm may eliminate the need to put on makeup altogether, especially if you opt for a tint on top of the perm.

The Cons

The lash perm is generally for people who prefer a more natural look, therefore, it will not be as dramatic or as voluminous as getting lash extensions. Additionally, the perm solution may not be compatible with some lash types, meaning it may not last as long for some and for the unlucky few, it may not even show up at all.
It’s also important to realize that a lash perm on its own cannot make thin lashes appear any thicker or darker than they already are.
While the maintenance for perms/keratin lifts are much earlier compared to extensions, you must still keep your lashes dry and avoid any moisture (such as steam from the shower) for 24 – 48 hours. After the initial 48 hours, it’s a good idea to avoid any oil-based makeup removers as well to make sure the perm lasts as long as possible.
It’s also possible that your lashes may feel drier after the procedure, especially for the first week or two. However, most lash specialists will send you home with a small bottle of lash serum/oil for you to apply daily to avoid your lashes from becoming too brittle.

Finished Results

Results can vary depending on your natural lash length among other factors so it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. However, even for women with short, sparse, and thin lashes, the lash perm can create a very natural lift that goes a long way.
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