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Australian Woman Who Woke Up From Surgery With Irish Accent May Be Stuck With It for Life

Irish accent

An Asian Australian woman who woke up with an Irish accent after undergoing surgery has been struggling to get her original accent back.

How it happened: Angie Yen, who lives in Brisbane, Queensland — and has never been to Ireland — had her tonsils removed on April 19. Nine days later, she woke up with “an Irish-sounding accent” she did not recognize.

Asians Just Took The Viral ‘This Is My Voice’ Challenge to a Whole Other Level

It has been a year of one social media trend after another and, just as 2018 was coming to a close, the #thisismyvoicechallenge erupted in popularity on video-sharing app Tik Tok.

In the viral challenge, Tik Tok users are shown exhibiting a change in their voice after being exposed to a variety of things, such as watching K-dramas or moving to a state with thick accents.

White Guy’s Vietnamese Accent is Apparently So Good People Aren’t Even Mad


A Caucasian man’s prank on a confused telemarketer by putting on a thick Vietnamese accent is going viral, and many commenters cannot help but commend for his accuracy.

The video, posted by Ramos Jakob, features a brown-haired White man in an office messing around with a telemarketer about a supposed car accident. He makes use of an over-the-top Vietnamese accent, wherein “f’s” and “p’s” are interchanged.