Asians Just Took The Viral ‘This Is My Voice’ Challenge to a Whole Other Level

Asians Just Took The Viral ‘This Is My Voice’ Challenge to a Whole Other Level
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 2, 2019
It has been a year of one social media trend after another and, just as 2018 was coming to a close, the #thisismyvoicechallenge erupted in popularity on video-sharing app Tik Tok.
In the viral challenge, Tik Tok users are shown exhibiting a change in their voice after being exposed to a variety of things, such as watching K-dramas or moving to a state with thick accents.
One of the most popular iterations of the trend involves a woman transforming her voice after watching anime.
It did not take long for many Asian netizens to share their own hilarious take on the viral trend on social media.
While the original featured a variety of situations, the Asian version focuses on Asian Americans whose Western accents gradually changed to a more distinctively Asian tone after staying in a specific country over the span of a day, week, month or year.
While the clips mostly offer an exaggerated delivery of their accents, there are a few which added some pleasant surprises that reference their subject culture. 
Instagram users began sharing the funny clips which soon became viral themselves after Facebook page Asians Never Die and members of the Facebook group “subtle asian traits” started reposting them on Facebook.
In Laos:
In Iran:
In China:
In Hong Kong:
In the Philippines:
In Singapore:
In Thailand:
In India:
In Vietnam:
In Taiwan:
In Korea:
In Malaysia:
In Cambodia:
In a Hmong household:
In England:
Sometimes, being in one place for a long period does not bring similar results, as shown in this clip from the U.S.:
Featured Image via Instagram / bgztv
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