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Indonesian college student becomes millionaire after putting his selfies up for sale as NFTs as a joke

  • Indonesian college student Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, 22, earned over $1 million by selling his selfies as NFTs.
  • Ghozali took daily photos of himself in front of his computer over the last five years for a timelapse video he was planning for his graduation. 
  • He  uploaded these photos to an NFT trading platform last month and started to attract buyers after a celebrity chef purchased some of his NFTs and promoted them online.

A computer science student in Indonesia became a millionaire after selling his selfies on a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, 22, sold NFTs of his hundreds of images under the title “Ghozali Everyday” on NFT trading platform OpenSea, reported AFP.

Indonesia accepts dozens of Rohingya refugees stranded at sea after initially rejecting them

Indonesia Rohingya

Indonesia will accept a boat of Rohingya refugees – mostly women and children – after initially sending them to Malaysian waters and giving them supplies, according to local authorities. 

Change of heart: Indonesia’s security ministry said ​​the Southeast Asian country will allow nearly 120 people, including 60 women and 51 children, to take refuge after the situation gained domestic and international attention.

Indonesian court rules to save Indigenous ancestral lands from palm oil companies’ exploitation

Indigenous West Papua

An Indigenous group in Indonesia’s West Papua province is celebrating a ruling that saves their ancestral lands spanning tens of thousands of hectares from palm oil exploitation.

Driving the news: On Tuesday, the Jayapura Administrative Court in West Papua ruled in favor of Sorong Regency head Johny Kamuru, who was sued after revoking permits that allowed over a dozen palm oil companies to turn Indigenous forest areas into plantations.