Jenny Yang breaks new ground as an assassin in ‘The Brothers Sun’

Jenny Yang breaks new ground as an assassin in ‘The Brothers Sun’Jenny Yang breaks new ground as an assassin in ‘The Brothers Sun’
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Comedian Jenny Yang has leaped from the stand-up stage to the small screen, landing her first major TV role as Xing, an assassin, in Netflix’s “The Brothers Sun.”
Yang’s acting journey: Having carved a successful path in comedy as a writer and performer, Yang revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she previously set her sights on becoming an action-comedy star. She shared that she was discovered by a casting director in one of her viral stand-up videos. 
“All they told me was that it was a gang drama and I wouldn’t have to do any accents,” Yang told the outlet. “And then they gave me the role and were like, ‘By the way, you will be fighting Michelle Yeoh in the only fight scene she will be doing the entire first season.”
About ‘The Brothers Sun”:The Brothers Sun,” which premiered on Netflix on Jan. 4, follows Californian Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li), whose life is upended after his older brother, Charles Sun (Justin Chien), arrives in Los Angeles from Taipei. Unaware of his family’s criminal past, Bruce learns about their notorious gangster reputation, with Charles being a hardened criminal raised by their crime boss father.
About her role: In the show, Yang stars as a rival assassin to Michelle Yeoh’s matriarch character (Mama Sun). She said the highlight of her experience was her onscreen showdown with Yeoh.
“One of the first moves I do in the fight scene is a choke hold, and she could tell I was hesitating. It was Michelle Yeoh telling me to please, choke her out. It was a good reminder to always just go for it,” she told THR.
Yeoh’s gift: Yang shared that on the last day of production, Yeoh gifted her with earrings, which she later turned into a custom necklace with designer Bliss Lau.
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