Sam Song Li says it ‘means the world’ that he got into ‘The Brothers Sun’

Sam Song Li says it ‘means the world’ that he got into ‘The Brothers Sun’Sam Song Li says it ‘means the world’ that he got into ‘The Brothers Sun’
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“The Brothers Sun” star Sam Song Li has opened up about his thoughts on being part of the Netflix show’s all-Asian cast, especially as it marks his first stint as a series regular.
About his role: Li, 27, plays Bruce Sun, whose life is turned upside down after his older brother, Charles Sun (Justin Chien), travels to Los Angeles to protect him and their mother, Eileen (Michelle Yeoh), following the assassination of their triad leader father in Taipei. In the trailer, he is seen struggling to learn about his family’s ways.
What he’s saying: Speaking to Deadline, Li expressed high hopes for the critically acclaimed Netflix series, declaring that the show will be “part of the history of Asian American cinema.” He said it he hopes it inspires others to continue to blossom AAPI representation.
“This means the world to me, and how lucky am I?” he added. “I think to myself how lucky that I get to be a part of an all-Asian cast as one of my first series regulars.”

Why it matters: The uptick of Asian representation in TV and cinema over the past few years has signaled a new direction in Hollywood for Li, prompting him to change his perspective about his future in the industry. Prior to “The Brothers Sun,” he appeared in “Never Have I Ever” and “Better Call Saul.”
“I’ve realized the direction that Hollywood and the world is moving is connecting the globe in so many ways,” Li told Popsugar. “Content is no longer just for a Western or American audience right now. Content is for a global audience.”
Li did not forget to acknowledge those that made everything possible. He told Forbes, “I also want to pay homage to all of the other projects that came before us that really paved the way to allow us to be here.”
A word for aspirants: To other Asian Americans who dream of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, Li believes now would be the time to go for it. “There’s never been a better time,” he told Deadline.
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