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High Schooler Wins The Internet For Her ’31 Days of Halloween Costume Challenge’

Last minute halloween costume

To show everyone just how much she just loves Halloween, teenager Molly Foote decided to make this year a bit more special — by wearing a new costume for every single day of October.

In an interview with Yahoo, the creative 17-year-old from Olympia, Washington, revealed her motivations behind her now-viral pet project, “the 31 Days of Halloween costume challenge”.

Dutch Photographer Captures The Lives of Cats and Dogs Living in Hong Kong’s Street Markets

Dutch photographer Marcel Heijnen earned thousands of fans and followers on social media last year when he focused his camera lenses on Hong Kong’s shop cats and compiled the images into a book.

The highly successful “Hong Kong Shop Cats”, which includes haikus and calligraphy alongside beautifully shot portraits of the city’s felines in their owners’ business establishments, is now into its third print this week.

Photographer Introduces Polaroid to North Korea to Get Citizens to Reveal Their Stories

Celebrated French photographer Eric Lafforgue has taken thousands of photos from different parts of the world, but his published unfiltered images of North Korea have been among his most captivating ones.

“I first went to North Korea in 2008,” Lafforgue recalled. “At this time, there were no mobile phones in the country, and the only pics people were taking were thanks to the official photographers who stood at the entrance of the main monuments to sell some photo souvenirs to visitors.”

Japanese ‘Fetish Photographer’ Combines Cats and Boobs in One Photobook

Cats and boobs are undeniably two of internet’s most favorite things. It’s apparently such a no-brainer that some hero came along and combined the two to make the world a better place.

Japanese “fetish photographer” Yuki Aoyama took it upon himself to do just that with his new book titled “Painyan”, which aims to offer a “therapeutic experience” for users.

Insanely Talented Artist Paints Himself Blending Perfectly into Different Backgrounds

One world-renowned artist has made a career out of literally blending into his own artwork.

For over a decade, Chinese artist Liu Bolin has been painting himself into backgrounds so that he looks nearly invisible. The 42-year-old, who was born in Shandong but now lives and works in Beijing, has been so good at it that he has been dubbed “The Invisible Man.”

Photographer Purrrfectly Captures Cats During Their Most Unflattering Moments

Cats normally look graceful, but when they are shaking water off their fur, their faces look anything but.

Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson, 34, captured a series of freeze-frame shots of different cats while they were in the middle of shaking off water. The results provide an unflattering but hilarious look at cats’ faces as usually not seen by the human eye.

15 Times Broke College Students Completely Hacked Life

College may be the time in an individual’s life when they are introduced to advanced concepts such as computational linear algebra or astrophysics, but it is also the time when many learn how to fix real-world problems on a budget.

From cooking pasta in a coffee maker to using power tools to bake cupcakes, these cash-strapped college students saved money by developing DIY projects that fixed daily problems.