Photographer Purrrfectly Captures Cats During Their Most Unflattering Moments

Cats normally look graceful, but when they are shaking water off their fur, their faces look anything but.
Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson, 34, captured a series of freeze-frame shots of different cats while they were in the middle of shaking off water. The results provide an unflattering but hilarious look at cats’ faces as usually not seen by the human eye.
The feline photos are part of Davidson’s “Shake” series of photos, which capture pets in mid-shake.
“’Shake Cats’ was something I had been hoping to make since I shot my first shaking cat photos back in 2011, the same year I shot the first SHAKE dog photos,” said Davidson. “I had originally thought I would do cats and dogs in the same book, but looking back I think it was best to give each animal its own book so their unique features could be highlighted.”
For those worried about whether the cats were uncomfortable while wet — after being placed on a table, they were kept comfortably warm by Davidson’s studio lights.
A hundred cats were photographed for her book, “Shaking Cats,” set to be released on Nov. 5.
“While the dogs seemed more aware of the lights and wanted to explore – and occasionally mark – the studio, the cats were much happier to stay in one place, or our laps, or they would find a little spot on a shelf to make space for themselves,” she said.
Nearly all of the cats Davidson photographed for her book were older rescues since she is a supporter of animal adoption.
“I believe that animal rescue is a revolutionary act of love, and I want that energy reflected in my work,” said Davidson. “When you rescue you are creating space and empathizing with another being that needs the same things we all need to feel safe: shelter, food, affection, and patience. Simply put you save a life, you are that animal’s hero.”
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