A24 to auction hot dog fingers, butt plug trophy, Raccacoonie and more from ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

A24 to auction hot dog fingers, butt plug trophy, Raccacoonie and more from ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’
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William Yuk
February 23, 2023
A24 is putting everything from everywhere on the block all at once, including fanny packs and butt plugs, for its upcoming “Everything Everything All at Once” prop auctions. 
The independent production powerhouse is hosting three distinct auctions themed after different aspects of its award-winning film. Proceeds from these auctions will go to three different charities.
The In Another Life auction is all about expression, featuring many of the most striking costumes from across the multiverse in support of the Transgender Law Center, which advocates for the autonomy and freedom of those who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. 
Some pieces to spice up your wardrobe include Jobu Tupaki’s rhinestone-studded Elvis jumpsuit worn by Stephanie Hsu and Evelyn’s sleek cream-colored kung fu training outfit worn by Michelle Yeoh
The Mementos from the Multiverse auction will include an eclectic collection of the film’s most iconic props. 
Available props range from hi-tech Alphaverse innovations like Gong Gong’s souped-up wheelchair and Evelyn’s headset to iconic characters like the googly-eye stone from the Rockverse and Raccacoonie. Fans can also try snagging the Auditor of the Month butt plug trophy and a “gently used” ball gag and tickler.
Purchasing these zany knick-knacks will support the Asian Mental Health Project, which seeks to make mental health resources more accessible to Pan-Asian communities.   
Finally, the Laundry and Taxes auction supports the Laundry Workers Center, which champions the rights of workers in various service industries.
The collection focuses on more grounded everyday items from the Wang family’s daily life, such as Evelyn’s unfiled divorce papers and the full-sized Laundry Delivery RV, which the auction notes is currently not street legal.
Tasteful items from the Hot Dog universe will also be up for grabs, including hot dog finger gloves and a catalog cover of Feets Magazine.
“Everything Everywhere All at Once” continues to make waves this awards season and is currently in contention for 11 Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards.
If you want to snag an item from one of the hottest films of the year, all three auctions open on Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. Central Time and will run until March 2.

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