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Men’s grooming brand Stryx says they received death threats after Good Light founder’s call-out

Men’s grooming brand Stryx says they have received death threats, and they are concerned for the safety of their employees.

Elizabeth Ng Glock, the head of operations and an owner of Stryx, wrote in an email to NextShark that Stryx employees have received death threats following a legal scuffle with Good Light founder David Yi, made public by Yi on social media. Stryx Co-Founder Jon Shanahan received a threatening Instagram direct message that included a photo of his children he had posted.

Her Family Came to America With $2,000, She Built a $500 Million Cosmetics Empire

the may lee show

This week on The May Lee Show, May talks to maverick entrepreneur Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics. Toni’s story of success truly represents the American Dream. Her family immigrated to the U.S. from Korea with only $2,000 and opened a budget beauty store. Toni struck out on her own at age 25 when she started NYX Cosmetics. In 2014, cosmetics giant L’Oreal bought NYX for a reported $500 million. In 2019, Toni was on the Forbes list of America’s top self-made women. But selling her company wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be and Toni knew what she had to do.


I Spent Over $500 at a Korean Skincare Clinic for Acne and Here Are the Results

The K-beauty market has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry, bringing in over $13.1 billion in 2018. Korean skincare products alone are projected to be worth roughly $7.2 billion by 2020.

And who could blame the millions of fans across the globe? With adorably stylish packaging and proven health benefits, it’s no wonder the popularity is estimated to only keep growing.

7 Best False Lashes Brands Specifically for Asian Eyes

Wanting long, voluminous lashes has become a common desire among so many Asian American women. From spending hundreds on maintaining lash extensions to regularly perming and tinting lashes, it’s become an incredibly financially draining obsession — I can only imagine how much ABG’s spend every year on lash products.

Of course, buying strip lashes would be the perfect and cheap solution but drugstore options are often uncomfortable and tacky. If the bands are too thick, the lashes won’t stay down properly and cheap lash ends can look plastic and fake. Not to mention, most of these lashes were made with non-Asian eyes in mind so for Asian women, especially those with monolids, choosing from the lash isle is a total gamble.

This BLACKPINK Star Has One of the Most Sought-After Faces According to Plastic Surgeons

A plastic surgeon in South Korea has recently revealed some of the most sought-after faces from clients who wished to go under the knife.

Speaking on MBC every1’s talk show “Video Star,” surgeon Kim Jong-myung said that most of his clients want to look like Red Velvet’s Irene as their top choice, while Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are generally the second and third, respectively, most sought-after faces, according to Korea Times.

Why Do East Asians Want Pale Skin? It Has Nothing to Do with Western Beauty Standards


In East Asia, it’s not uncommon to find people fully-dressed on beaches, carrying umbrellas on sunny days, or wearing full face-covering masks in parks. Women in particular go to extreme lengths to achieve pale skin whether it’s through obsessive whitening skin care routines or melanin-reducing injections. But where did all of this come from?

Some western media outlets like to report that this desire to have clear, white skin is a reflection on East Asians wanting to look more European. However, these hypotheses barely scratch the surface when discussing the origin of the pale skin beauty standards.

7 Monolid Makeup Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner


Admit it, no human ever started out as a makeup expert. That’s what middle school is for, to experiment and shamelessly walk around with raccoon eyes and spider lashes thinking you looked amazing. For double-lidded girls there are plenty of makeup tutorials available on the internet; from YouTube to popular magazines, the makeup industry generally caters to these features. For monolid girls, on the other hand, you end up having to spend years of your life trying to figure out these things pretty much alone.

Most of the monolid makeup hacks I grew up with involved making your eyes look the most non-monolid as possible: faking a double eyelid with tape, painting your lids black to hide the fact that you don’t have creases, etc. After a decade of experimenting, I’ve come to realize that you can’t fake what you don’t have. And monolids are not features that should be hidden away anyways, they’re unique gems and the more you embrace them when applying your makeup, the better it looks.