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Japan May Pay Tourists to Visit With New $12.5 Billion Tourism Plan

Japan Travel

In an attempt to boost tourism in Japan, the country’s tourism agency announced a $12.5 billion plan to subsidize a portion of foreign traveler’s expenses, Forbes reports

When this is happening: Hiroshi Tabata of the Japan Tourism Agency told a news conference last Wednesday that the program could begin as early as July if the COVID-19 cases continue to subside, according to Japan Times.

New Nielsen Data Basically Reveals That Asian Americans Are DOMINATING Everything Right Now

Asian Americans

After years of hard work and breaking barriers, Asian Americans have become one of the fastest-growing ethnic or racial groups in the U.S. and amassed a spending power surpassing $1 trillion.

Only several years ago, Asian Americans were seen as a “disparate community of immigrants,” but more recently, there has been a rise in the “Asian consciousness.” Rather than being separated by cultural nuances, the Asian American community stands in solidarity, celebrating our differences which have resulted in the formation of a strong cultural identity.

Japanese ‘Picture Brides’ Was Our Ancestor’s Version of Catfishing

picture brides

Catfishing, a modern-day phenomenon in the world of online dating, has existed since the late 1800s through a traditional form of matchmaking called “picture brides.”

Catfishing is an unfortunate and potentially dangerous nuisance that comes with all the glory of online dating. It is when people misrepresent themselves online so they show up to a date looking nothing like their photo, much less funny than their profile lets on, and our personal favorite, at least two inches shorter than what was written on the profile.

You’ll Never See Nurses the Same After Reading Raw Letters From the Front Line, a non-profit organization dedicated to telling the stories of our time, has launched Dear Nurses, a portrait series celebrating heroes working in hospitals amid the horror of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In honor of 2020 being designated as the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, has partnered with the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) to interview and capture portraits of 40 nurses working in COVID-19 units across Louisiana. Each portrait features a personal message written on their skin, Dear World’s signature storytelling medium, and includes a first-person account of the story that inspired the words written on their bodies. 

Our Generation Will Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic Because of Our Immigrant Roots


Although things may seem bleak at the moment, we can take refuge in acknowledging the strength that comes from our immigrant roots.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people are dying, unemployment rates have skyrocketed, and the Asian community has been used as a scapegoat for anger and hatred. The reality is, everyone is experiencing this crisis, needless to say in different intensities, however, it is completely and utterly out of our control. And that right there, is what feels so universally uncomfortable.

She Grew Up With a Chinese Sister in India, Now She’s Desperate to Find Her Again

Meenal Patil, a radio personality for Radio One, is on a quest to fulfill a promise she made to her late mother to find her long-lost Chinese sister, Chingu.

On Mother’s Day, May 10, Meenal posted an Instagram video compilation of heartwarming images of Chingu, whose real name is Ling Yi, and her family. She narrated the video, telling the story of how Chingu became a part of their lives.

How Comedian Simmone Park Struggled With Not Wanting to Be White, Being Accepted as an Asian

Simmone Park, like many Asians around the world, struggled with coming to terms with her dual identity as a North Korean Canadian woman.

As a speaker and standup comedian, Park had an honest and vulnerable conversation with NextShark where she opened up about her journey of overcoming racism as a child. This eventually manifested itself as internalized racism in her adult years.

Ex-Comedy Central Animator Creates Racist Cartoon Sexualizing Asian Women

Sven Stoffels

Sven Stoffels, an animator, and illustrator who has worked with companies such as Comedy Central and CollegeHumor, is being called out as racist after releasing an offensive cartoon sexualizing Asian women and connecting them to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stoffels, who has worked as an animator for the Comedy Central show, “TripTank”, as well as an animation director for the CollegeHumor Originals series,  “Infinity War of Infinite Avengers” posted the video to Twitter on April 22.