‘It’s the Only Option We Have’: Eddie Huang Endorses Joe Biden

‘It’s the Only Option We Have’: Eddie Huang Endorses Joe Biden‘It’s the Only Option We Have’: Eddie Huang Endorses Joe Biden
Ernestine Siu
April 15, 2020
Eddie Huang has announced through Instagram that he is voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.
The author, media personality and restauranteur often uses his online presence to be vocal about issues ranging from the AAPI community to politics. He previously publically endorsed Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders, but the two candidates have since dropped out of the presidential race.
In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Huang explained his decision to endorse Biden, writing, “Its the only option we have.”
Huang had been a loyal supporter of Sanders for years, writing that “he has been the best candidate the last 8 years and anyone who cant see that cant handle the truth.”
He went on to voice his opinion on where he thinks Sanders and Yang went wrong on the campaign trail, saying “I think him and Andrew Yang fucked up by not addressing identity early and often enough throughout their campaigns. They took an intellectual stance focused on income equality for all which was logical but it came back to bite Bernie down South because when you are a community (the black community) that has been treated unfairly for generations due to the color of your skin, it probably doesnt seem fair to gloss over it and draw a new starting line for every one.”
Huang expanded on his stance, adding that “I hope it is a lesson to people that think this country is ‘post racial’. Race is a social construct, it is complete bull shit, and while all of us would like to move past it, I believe it would require reparations.”
Speaking on his suspicions about the strategies seemingly used by the current administration to benefit itself, Huang says that “even looking at Corona, you see the racial divide. Black people are catching and dying from Corona at a higher rate than any other community in America.”
“That is not a fucking accident,” he wrote, contending that Trump “had a VERY federal travel ban against Muslims when it benefitted him. He’s choosing to let states fight it out over quarantining, reopening, and medical supplies.”
Huang will vote for Biden, even though he says he has doubts.
“I’m voting for Joe despite my suspicions of his relationships to banks, donors, wall street, and the fact that he is a cyborg but fuck it.”
Most of Huang’s followers support his stance on race, however, others also brought up the rape allegations against Biden.
One commenter questioned why sexual assault allegations are “still not a disqualifier in elections?”
In late March, Tara Reade alleged that she was sexually assaulted by Biden as an aide in 1993, kissing and penetrating her with his fingers without consent, HuffPost reported. Reade was one of eight women to come forward about the Democratic presidential candidate’s inappropriate behavior.
Biden later denied the allegations via his deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield.
“Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims,” Bedingfield told HuffPost. “We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false.”
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