V-pop star Amee has TikTokers dancing like a cat to her new song ‘Ung Qua Chung’

V-pop star Amee has TikTokers dancing like a cat to her new song ‘Ung Qua Chung’V-pop star Amee has TikTokers dancing like a cat to her new song ‘Ung Qua Chung’
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Vietnamese pop singer Amee has gone viral on TikTok for her cute cat dance. 
Choreographed for her song, “Ung Qua Chung,” the dance highlights cat-like movements in coordination with the song’s lyrics. 
In her TikTok video, the 22-year-old star dances along to the cute and lighthearted song. First seen in a preppy school outfit, Amee spins around to transition into a Y2K-esque outfit complete with a cat-eared beanie and fluffy fingerless gloves. 
Uploaded on March 2, Amee’s song and dance quickly gained popularity on TikTok, reaching 4.3 million views and 278,800 likes as of this writing.
Two of Amee’s other TikTok videos of the adorable dance also went viral, reaching 2.2 million and 3 million views respectively. 
Many fans have shared their love for “Ung Qua Chung” by uploading videos of their own dance covers. 
To thank fans for the overwhelming love and support, Amee uploaded a compilation of fans’ covers to her YouTube channel on March 13. 
Reaching 1.7 million views and 20,000 likes as of this writing, the video initially reached the Top 10 trending videos on YouTube Vietnam, VNExpress reports.
According to the song’s choreographer, RedCat, the dance went viral on social media due to its simple moves that younger audiences are able to replicate.

When I listened to the demo, I imagined a scene of a small house with a garden full of sunlight, flowers and a cat just lying there comfortably. Then I came up with the idea to imitate the movement of cats … The moves are not too difficult, but the important thing is you have to match them with the melodies and show the correct facial expression.

Amee — whose birth name is Tran Huyện My — began her singing career in 2019 with her debut single “Anh Nhà Ở Đâu Thế” (“Boy, Where Do You Live?”). The first female soloist from her company, St. 319 Entertainment, Amee also became the youngest Vietnamese recipient of MAMA’s New Asian Artist Award in Vietnam award in 2020.
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