A remix of a Vietnamese pop hit has TikTok users dancing around the world

A remix of a Vietnamese pop hit has TikTok users dancing around the world
via Hoàng Thùy Linh, TikTok
Ryan General
December 14, 2022
A fun dance tune with lyrics that go “ting ting tang tang tang” has become the latest craze on TikTok. 
The viral track, which has gotten thousands of users dancing on the platform, is actually a remixed version of the popular Vietnamese pop song “See Tình.”
“See Tình,” which translates to “see love,” is a disco pop song released in February by actress and singer Hoàng Thuý Linh.
The song reportedly began trending globally after a K-pop fan account used a sped-up version of it in edited videos of South Korean groups BTS and TWICE dancing on stage. Other dance videos featuring other Korean artists emerged, further sparking a dance craze on the platform.
In an interview with L’Officiel Vietnam magazine, Hoàng explained that the song was inspired by the first time she fell in love during her teen years. Before embarking on her music career, Hoàng starred in many Vietnamese films and television series, such as the 2013 film “The Talent.” She has since released four albums and a number of singles that have become local hits. 
The official music video for “See Tinh,” which now has over 25 million views, has attracted mostly positive comments from users from all over the world. 

“This is now the most used song at all Christmas parties here in the Philippines,” a commenter wrote. “Such a great song.”
“I’ve been playing this song on a loop for like 3 days now,” another said. “And I’m still not tired of it.”
“Tiktok brought me here – to be fair, this is much better than the remix and I really like her voice, it’s very soothing,” wrote another.
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