Video: BLACKPINK covers TLC, Spice Girls songs in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ final appearance

Video: BLACKPINK covers TLC, Spice Girls songs in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ final appearanceVideo: BLACKPINK covers TLC, Spice Girls songs in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ final appearance
via The Late Late Show with James Corden
Daniel Anderson
April 19, 2023
On Tuesday, BLACKPINK appeared on “Carpool Karaoke” with host James Corden for their final appearance on “The Late Late Show.”
The K-pop girl group started with a performance of “Pink Venom,” before teaching Corden some krumping dance moves. They then transitioned to singing “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and chatted about the girls’ arduous trainee period prior to their debut. 
As trainees, Jennie explained that one of the quartet’s musical inspirations was the girl group TLC.
We love TLC’s music. Y’know, they had vocals, they had raps, and they had a bit of hip-hop,” Jennie said before launching into a cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

Corden took a moment to rattle off some of BLACKPINK’s world records, such as their most recent accomplishment, a Guinness world record for the most-viewed music channel on YouTube. 
The host challenged the K-pop idols to attempt setting some new records with him, including the fastest time to assemble a Mr. Potato Head, the most hand claps in a minute and the most Jenga blocks removed in a minute. They failed every record, but Corden said they may have set a new one for the most failed attempts at setting a world record by a girl group in a car. 
Later, Lisa expressed her love for the Spice Girls, and Jennie added that they appreciate the British girl group’s individual characters. They ended the segment with a rendition of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That.” 
BLACKPINK have appeared on “The Late Late Show” before. 
They previously performed “Kill This Love” in 2019 and “Pretty Savage” in 2021.
“The Late Late Show” will air its final episode on April 27, with Harry Styles and Will Ferrell as the show’s final guests.

BLACKPINK recently made history as the first Korean act to headline Coachella, following their debut appearance at the festival in 2019 as the first female K-pop group to perform. They will return to perform for weekend two of Coachella later this week.
Watch BLACKPINK’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment below:

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