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Mark Zuckerberg Says Video Games Got Him Into Programming

We’ve all heard it before: Children and teens who play video games cut themselves off from the world. They become anti-social. They ignore homework. And most debatably, they become hostile and act out in violent ways if they are continually exposed to violent video games.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks differently. At a town hall Q&A session last week at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Zuckerberg said playing a lot of video games while growing up pushed him into experimenting with technology. He also said that those who have similar childhoods might make them better programmers later in life, which is exactly what happened to him.

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals How Many Hours He Actually Works at Facebook

On Tuesday this week, we witnessed another Q&A episode in the Facebook melodrama that is Mark Zuckerberg’s life.

In past Q&A’s, Zuckerberg has revealed the truth behind his success, discussed the possibility of a “dislike” button and explained how he decides to hire people at Facebook.

In this week’s edition, Zuckerberg revealed how many hours he actually works a week and what he actually does for “work,” while also answering some great questions by fellow billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and ageless Latin American diva Shakira.