Mark Zuckerberg Reveals How Many Hours He Actually Works at Facebook

On Tuesday this week, we witnessed another Q&A episode in the Facebook melodrama that is Mark Zuckerberg’s life.
In past Q&A’s, Zuckerberg has revealed the truth behind his success, discussed the possibility of a “dislike” button and explained how he decides to hire people at Facebook.
In this week’s edition, Zuckerberg revealed how many hours he actually works a week and what he actually does for “work,” while also answering some great questions by fellow billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and ageless Latin American diva Shakira.
The questions were all asked and answered through Facebook messages. So how many hours a week does Mark Zuckerberg work?
By comparison, the average work week is about 47 hours, but in ridiculously expensive places like Silicon Valley, work weeks can hit over 80 hours if you include side jobs just to pay the rent.
Fellow entrepreneur and Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson then asked what the possible benefits of connecting the developing world to the internet would be:
Rather than pushing the most developed areas in the world further, Zuckerberg is opting to help raise the standards in developing countries first — the developing world is the most massive market out there, after all.
Then Colombia’s own pop goddess Shakira posed a question on using technology to help disadvantaged communities:
Zuckerberg then masterfully navigated a question on whether or not Facebook ruins our face-to-face people skills.
If you somehow let Facebook and other social media ruin your ability to communicate as the majority of humans do, you’ve got problems.
What other interesting details will Mark Zuckerberg reveal about his seemingly plain but mysteriously dramatic life? Stay tuned for his next Q&A to find out!
Source: Business Insider
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