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Zara Accused of ‘Uglifying’ China After Using Model With Freckles

Zara is being accused by Chinese netizens of “uglifying” China for using photographs of freckled Chinese model, Li Jingwen, without heavy photoshop or makeup.

When the Spanish fashion retailer posted photos of the model for a lipstick commercial on their Weibo account, Chinese netizens criticized the company for picturing Jing Wen with clearly visible freckles, suggesting that selecting the model could have been an attempt to “defame the Chinese”.

China Makes Delta and Zara Apologize for Listing Taiwan as a ‘Country’

After Marriott listed Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet as “countries,” Delta Air Lines and European clothing retailer Zara were forced by the Chinese government to publicly apologize for making the same mistake.

On Friday, Delta got into trouble for listing Tibet and Taiwan as “countries” on its website, according to Shanghaiist. The company was then ordered by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to issue a public apology, and to investigate how this mistake happened in the first place.