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Experts Predict That China’s Population Will Be Cut 50% By 2100

China’s population could go down to as much as a billion by the end of the century, according to scholars at this year’s World Economic Forum. With approximately 1.3 billion citizens, the country is the world’s most populous nation to date.

The estimate was made by Zheng Zhenzhen of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. China’s population was last at one billion people in 1980, People’s Daily noted.

Couple Who Quit Their Jobs to Travel the World Now Scrub Toilets for a Living

It’s all too common these days to hear stories about couples who quit their grueling corporate jobs to travel the world and live the life we’ve always dreamed of. Some get lucky and get paid to travel; others have millions in saving and stock options to afford their adventures; a few manage to even run their businesses while they travel — all of which are one-in-a-million fairy tale stories that don’t apply to everyone.

South African couple Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger is “everyone.” They quit their stable advertising jobs earlier this year to travel the world, and while their Instagram shows them exploring exotic sceneries and doing yoga on beaches in Greece, they now scrub toilets and scoop dog poop for money and can only afford to eat jam and crackers most days.

This Map Shows the Most Googled Products for Every Country

Last month, thought it would be fun to create a world map showcasing the most googled product costs for every country. The infographic is based on Google’s autocomplete function, which provides users with suggestions based on common searches by other users. Though not scientifically accurate, it yields some pretty funny, and some very questionable, results.

Using the formula “how much does a * cost in (x country)” in their Google search bar, they found that Google users want to know:

Wendy’s Plans to Open in India With Beefless Burgers

Among the great Indian dishes today are chicken tikka, vegetable paneer and … veggie burgers from Wendy’s? The American fast food giant has decided to make a lucrative move to the East, selling its square patties to the throngs of Indians hungry for a quick bite.

In five years’ time, the fast food company plans to open 50 Wendy’s across India’s major cities, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

What The ‘Government Shutdown’ REALLY Means [GUEST POST]


Once again public ignorance has become the perfect tool of a villainous political faction. It seems that nearly half of our people have been hoodwinked into the nonsensical belief that both sides of this issue are equally to blame. Half of this problem (of ignorance of law and government) is certainly a failure of our educational system, but the rest arises from the media’s talking heads, spreading the myth, with shouts of “A pox on both your houses”.