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Most Anime Workers Make So Little Money That They Are Living With Their Parents To Save Money

While anime is known to be a billion dollar industry that enjoys a massive global audience, not many are aware that most workers involved in it earn very little money. The situation is reportedly so bad that more than half of them have decided to move back to their parents’ homes so they can at least make ends meet.

Anime companies, which are often staffed with mostly passionate individuals who are there for the love of the medium, have been notoriously paying very little especially to their entry-level workers, RocketNews24 reported.

Wisconsin Republicans are Trying to Take Weekends Away From Workers

Scott Walker, a Republican politician and current governor of Wisconsin, is spearheading a sneaky budget move in his state that will effectively strip workers of their right to a “living wage” and even their weekends.

As Wisconsin state legislators, who already missed their July 1 budget deadline, scramble to vote on a budget, they will also be considering a package of budget modifications that propose a number of shady measures that include but are not limited to barring reporters and the public from accessing the state’s open records (the only measure to have been removed so far), provisions that censor information on police shootings, and redefining a worker’s right to a “living wage” by replacing it with “minimum wage,” which currently sits at an unlivable $7.25 an hour.

Chinese Boss Threatens to Fine Employees For Not Attending Mother-in-Law’s Funeral

One ridiculous boss in Taizhou, China is being criticized for forcing his employees to attend his deceased mother-in-law’s funeral and threatening them with fines if they didn’t show up.

The company, Taizhou Jinyu Electrical and Mechanical Co., manufactures motors. Factory employees were forced to show up and required to wear a white shirt (which was at least provided by their boss) or face a 200 yuan fine — about $32. Most of the workers didn’t even know the lady.