Chinese Boss Threatens to Fine Employees For Not Attending Mother-in-Law’s Funeral

One ridiculous boss in Taizhou, China is being criticized for forcing his employees to attend his deceased mother-in-law’s funeral and threatening them with fines if they didn’t show up.
The company, Taizhou Jinyu Electrical and Mechanical Co., manufactures motors. Factory employees were forced to show up and required to wear a white shirt (which was at least provided by their boss) or face a 200 yuan fine — about $32. Most of the workers didn’t even know the lady.
The reaction by the internet is pretty much what you’d expect — a boss doesn’t have the right to force his employees to attend his relative’s funeral. Some netizens are threatening to petition the local government into investigating.
We have our own theories — either he really, really, REALLY loved that mother-in-law, or he really didn’t want to be there by himself. Misery loves company, after all.
If my boss told me there would be free food (it would have to be good free food, though) at his mother-in-law’s funeral, I’d probably be down.
Source: Shanghaiist
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