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25 Racist and Disgusting Ways to Hit on Asian Women on Craigslist

If 4Chan is the internet’s asshole, Craigslist is probably the taint. Like, it’s an integral part of the internet, but we’re not really sure what it’s there for and we’re honestly a little creeped out by it.

Of course, we’re all familiar with it (Craigslist, that is) — it’s been around forever — and most of us have ventured on there to find a job, sell a couch, or comb for laughs.

Man Who Ran ‘White Privilege Club’ Calls His Asian Wife a ‘Slant Eye Import’

An administrator of the now-deleted Facebook group “White Privilege Club” was arrested in San Francisco on Wednesday after driving his motorcycle through a crowd of Republican healthcare protestors staging a “die-in”.

The man, suspected to be San Francisco resident Jeffrey Dillon, yelled “If you want to go to the hospital, here you go,” and “You will have health care if you people stop protesting,” at dozens of activists protesting a block away from the GameLink offices, the hardcore porn company he works for as the head of the business development department, the Daily Mail reported.

Drunk White Guy Gets Exactly What He Deserves For Assaulting Singapore Police

A video of an alleged drunk Australian man fighting officers at Singapore’s Changi Airport surfaced last month, just one in a string of four separate incidents around the city. The man, identified as Jason Peter Darragh, now faces 11 charges which, if found guilty could mean years of jail time and caning as punishment.

In the airport video, taken by Ben Bonifant, Darragh is seen struggling to fight off airport officers while they try to arrest him. Darragh, who was believed to be drunk, was also accused of swearing at and hitting an officer in the face and threatening another by saying, “You don’t come near me or I’ll break your face.”