25 Racist and Disgusting Ways to Hit on Asian Women on Craigslist

25 Racist and Disgusting Ways to Hit on Asian Women on Craigslist25 Racist and Disgusting Ways to Hit on Asian Women on Craigslist
If 4Chan is the internet’s asshole, Craigslist is probably the taint. Like, it’s an integral part of the internet, but we’re not really sure what it’s there for and we’re honestly a little creeped out by it.
Of course, we’re all familiar with it (Craigslist, that is) — it’s been around forever — and most of us have ventured on there to find a job, sell a couch, or comb for laughs.
Then there are those who use CL to meet their destiny; the personals section beckons, and those lonely souls who are tired of using the more traditional channels, such as Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, Tinder, or going outside and striking up a conversation with a potential date, shoot their shot in a seemingly last ditch effort for love.
Some of the ads are fairly innocuous — a man arrives in town and wants to grab a cup of coffee with a local lady. A woman needs a gym buddy… and maybe something more.
Others, however, reek of racism and fetishism, and this is never more true than when a White guy with Yellow Fever decides to post an ad seeking an Asian woman to spend his days with.
Here are a few of those ads that are so creepy, funny, or just plain sad that we couldn’t resist sharing:
You know, non-Asian women are also fairly decent at massages…

That Asian guy you’re with? He’s too nice to you. Let me, a mature White business exec., sexually liberate you. I already know what an Asian girl like you is like.

What, are Asian women like Costco samples or something? Can only take one? Bill

Help Chad rekindle that magical time he spent in a brothel! And who says romance is dead?

Getting mixed messages here…are you trying to hook your six-year-old son up or…?

All men are the same…they only want you for your adobo.

You want “Dragon Lady” in the title? Sure, and hey — take my dignity while you’re at it.

When he says it’s not for hooking up but he’s DTF…

ISO: Beautiful, sexy, petite Asian girls (FOBs need not apply)

Wants an Asian woman because “they were taught/raised with the idea that women are and should be submissive to their man in all regards”? Wowwwwww…

Stereotypes make a strong foundation for any healthy relationship!

Ah, the ‘ol reverse Psychology tactic…gets ’em every time…

Let me save you, little Asian girl — after all, your sexual liberation begins and ends with White men, right?

Gotta sleep with ’em all! *facepalm* Didn’t realize vaginas were like things you had to collect…

So you want to still be entitled but you don’t want any “super-cool Asian women” to be too entitled. Got it.

Went to Asia? Check. Enjoyed it due to the significant advantages he had over the locals being a White male from a wealthy, developed nation? Check. Now looking for “Pinay, Thai and all women from Asian countries” to extend his Asian vacation in perpetuity? Check. Let’s enjoy that umbrella drink!

“I saw an Asian woman today, so looking for one on here now. Y’all are interchangeable anyway, right?”

Really, bruh? You’re gonna pay her in 200 roses? Take that money and get her a nice bag, goddamn.

Lonely Asian girls only — I need someone who doesn’t have a reference level to ascertain how terrible I actually am.

Yeah, who cares what “they” say? Sleep with random dudes from Craigslist to get back at the establishment!

…aaaaaaaaaaaand this is why my massage therapists are women.

“Experiance” this White handsome man “if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be with a white man”. How exotic!

Asian women? Hello? Where are you? This guy wants to touch your face.

ISO: “A submissive Asian woman who’s always wanted and needed to please and to serve a White Master”. Yikes.

“I just need a young Asian woman. Like, that’s it. That’s all you need to possess. Just be young and Asian. The bar is low, ladies. This is your chance.”

Did we miss some that are even creepier, funnier, or sadder than this? Let us know in the comments!
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