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College Student Hacked for $3,000 Serves as Warning of Venmo’s Security Issues

Venmo is a popular payment app that’s risen in use especially among young people, as it allows users to send money to another person’s account using only banking account information, without fees or credit card information.

The app’s security and reimbursement issues, however, have consistently been called into question. A professional poker player Mohsin Charania told Slate earlier this year that his account was hacked for more than $2,000 in December of 2014. He tried to contact Venmo through their contact form and tweets, all no avail. It wasn’t until he had a friend write an article publicizing his situation that he was finally contacted by Venmo for reimbursement.

Alleged Rich Kid in Dubai Trolls Blogger, Pays Over $7000 on Venmo to Humiliate Him

Few things would make a person angrier than being targeted by a foreign internet troll who barraged them with insults in broken English, but what if they were paid to take the random abuse? Paid handsomely?

Caldwell Tanner, a contributor at CollegeHumor, allegedly experienced such an interaction on Venmo, the money-sharing app that many may or may not use to transfer funds for drug deals. Tanner explained: