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‘Pachinko’ star Jin Ha apologizes for past Tumblr account featuring creep shots of older Korean women

jin ha
  • Actor Jin Ha, who plays Solomon Baek on Apple TV Plus’ new series “Pachinko,” has apologized for his old Tumblr account filled with surreptitiously taken photos of women in public settings coupled with sexually inappropriate captions.
  • The now-deleted Tumblr account mainly featured elderly women with captions such as “Now we have an excuse to stare directly at her right nipple.”
  • Ha made an apology statement in both Korean and English on his website saying he reached out to Tumblr to have the account deleted and that it “should not have been made at all.”
  • Ha has a theater background from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and has starred in television series such as “Devs” and “Love Line,” as well as the Chicago stage production of “Hamilton.”
  • “Pachinko” is based on Minjin Lee’s epic novel about a multigenerational Korean family emigrating to Japan during colonial occupation.

Jin Ha, currently starring in the new Apple TV Plus series “Pachinko” as Solomon Baek, has apologized for his old Tumblr account filled with pictures of unconsenting elderly women in public paired with sexually inappropriate captions.   

The Tumblr blog titled “Korean Flowers in Bloom” ran from 2010-2011. According to The Korea Herald, one post from the blog showed an image of an elderly woman lying on a chair, with the caption: “Working with such a provocative model, I found it hard to keep myself and my concupiscence under control.” A different post featuring a photo of an elderly woman taken from down below had the caption: “Now we have an excuse to stare directly at her right nipple.”

High Schooler Creates Heartbreaking Tumblr of the Last Text Messages People Ever Sent

Text messaging is one of the main ways people communicate with each other in this day and age, so it’s not uncommon that some people’s last exchanges happen via text. Whether their last words were over a heartbreak with an ex-lover or a casual conversation with a deceased relative, text messages have a way of revealing the circumstances surrounding these exchanges.

An insightful 15-year-old student at Ohio Virtual Academy, Emily Trunko, has created the Last Message Received Tumblr. The Tumblr allows users to anonymously submit and talk about the last messages they received from ex-friends, ex-lovers and people who have passed. Trunko told BuzzFeed Life she had given those experiences some thought before creating the site: